About the Project

The European Paper Industry launched its “2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon bio-economy” in 2011. In this roadmap we outline how we will achieve a 80% decarbonisation of the industry combined with a 50% value creation by 2050.

To meet this goal we will have to come up with new ideas or breakthrough technologies and we thought some healthy competition could help. This project consists of two teams of experts competing to identify these technologies.

The people in these teams might be experts but they can’t think of everything. This is where you come in… We need your ideas. It does not matter whether you are a student, engineer, employee in a paper plant or simply someone with a great idea: anything goes.

If you think you can help us, submit your idea online and the teams will be able to use and develop your idea. Together, we might just come up with the spark that will lead to a more sustainable future. Read more on the competition

Latest Blog Posts

PPI – “CEPI’s Two Team Project: An industry game changer”

PPI Special Report
Mark Rushton – 04/12/13
The pulp and paper industry has hit the mainstream media over the last few days in Europe, and this time for all the right reasons. The CEPI Two Teams Project – a year-long race designed to seek out the technology that will see the CO₂ emissions cut dramatically in the industry by 2050 – has unearthed all sorts of remarkable technologies and concepts. Read more…

The Economist on Two Team Project: “Roll on the green revolution”

The paper industry and climate change
A technological fix is proposed to combat global warming

Nov 30th 2013 | From the print edition

TECHNOLOGY and greenery don’t mix well. Some greens are technophobes. Most environmental policies focus on prices, consumption and subsidies to solar and wind power, which are not at the cutting edge. The list of technological breakthroughs is short. One of the most promising is carbon capture and storage, which neutralises emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. A big project was being built at Mongstad in Norway—but the Norwegian government has just pulled the plug on it. More…

The Two Team Report is online!!

This is it! The Two Team Project comes to its end.
If you want to have a look at the results presented by the teams at European Paper Week 2013 this week, click here.

And the winner iiiiiis….

…. Deep Eutectic Solvents!!
EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard: “The winning concept embodies radical solution”.

Two Team at CEPI’s Annual Meeting, 27 Nov. 2013

At the moment,the two teams are taking part in CEPI’s Annual Meeting where EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard will reveal the winner of the project at 4pm today. More about it in about half an hour!

Two weeks until European Paper Week – Registration still possible for some events

The European Paper Week 2013 will take place in 2 weeks from now. On 28 Nov., some of the Two Team members will be personally presenting the outcome of the project in the seminar “Two Team Project – Revealing the details”.
The deadline for registration is already over. However if you missed it, you might still be able to register for some events, provided there are free places. Should you be interested, so please contact Annie Xystouris.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels!

Only 3 weeks to go until European Paper Week

The two teams will present the result of their one-year long search for breakthrough technologies in only 3 weeks, during the seminar “Two Team Project – Reveiling the details” at European Paper Week 2013 taking place in Brussels. Please note that the deadline for registration is 10 November. To register, please click here.

Second round: Jury meeting on 17 October.

On 2 Oct. the pre-jury members convened in Brussels to advice the jury members with a view to easing their final decision. The pre-jury assessment is not known by the teams. The high-level jury members will now meet on 17 Oct. to choose the winning concept out of the 8 delivered by the teams. Their decision will be made public during the Annual Metting at European Paper Week 2013 on 27 Nov.
If you want to be one of the first to know about the outcomes of the Two Team Project, register for the Annual Meeting and for the Seminar “Two Team Project – Revealing the details” here. Deadline is 10 Nov.
We hope to see you there!

First round: pre-jury meeting on 2 October

On 2 October, the pre-jury members gathered in Brussels to judge the 4 concepts delivered by each team. The morning session was dedicated to the presentation by the team captains and the Q&A. In the afternoon the pre-jury went to a closed session where they lively discussed to reach a consensus. They will now make a recommandation to the jury. The jury event will take place on 17 October, also in Brussels.